Sep 5, 2020

Snow Crash | Diego Tortelli and Miria Wurm

Physical Introduction via Zoom

September 5, 2020 | 12:00 PM
The participation in the Physical Introduction is free of charge. Please register via:

How do we create our own USER-ID in the permanent online? And what excesses does this have on our life offline? Does this offline still exist at all or do we rather have to speak of an augmented reality, since the mobile phone seems to have become part of the body?

In his new dance piece Snow Crash, Diego Tortelli explores the question of how homo digitalis sketches its own identity and whether this “entity” still exists at all. To this end, he juxtaposes the dancers Dominic Santia, Casia Vengoechea and Corey Scott-Gilbert with the video works of video designer Lea Heutelbeck as co- and antagonists.

On Saturday, September 5th, the company will open its rehearsal studio for the audience of the Schau Mer Mal series of events from 12 PM on and will give first preliminary insights into the dance piece. Diego Tortelli will be available to answer questions and give an introduction to his choreographic technique and his ideas behind the piece.

Premiere: September 23, 2020 as free video-on-demand