Feb 28, 2021

Keep us awake | fachbetrieb rita grechen

Rehearsal Visit with Artist Talk

February 5, 2021 | 6 – 8 PM
Location: Pathos Munich | Dachauerstraße 110d | München
The participation is free of charge. Please register via: vermittlung@theaterbueromuenchen.de

Keeps us awake by fachbetrieb rita grechen is a durational performance about growth economies that runs through one night. It consists of a “day tunnel” of late-capitalist everyday life, which the spectators pass through repeatedly, one by one; an open exhibition/bar situation that gradually turns into a techno party disturbed by visions of death; and a quiet, sculptural scene outside the building at dawn that negotiates the standstill of a post-growth economy.

The music theatre network fachbetrieb rita grechen develops theatre works that are usually designed for a freely moving audience, often with parallel performances in several rooms. The dramaturgy of the plays is therefore developed to a large extent based on the architecture of the performance locations.

In cooperation with the mediation series Schau mer mal, fachbetrieb rita grechen will offer a rehearsal visit. A first glimpse through a scenic excerpt from the performance will be the starting point for an exchange about what has been seen, heard and felt before. Through playful means, conversational situations are to be created that allow the audience to gain an insight into the artistic work of the collective and at the same time encourage them to share their own thoughts, ideas and opinions about the piece.

Expected Performances: Februar 2021
PATHOS München | Dachauer Straße 110d| München