Mar 23, 2021

Theater in the Digital Space – Legal Challenges and Practical Solutions – ONLINE


What legal challenges arise in connection with the digitization of theater projects? What special copyright features must be taken into account when streaming a production online? What applies from the perspective of personal rights with regard to the “right to one’s own image” of spectators who can be seen in the context of a Zoom performance or a YouTube stream? What applies to the rights to pre-existing works, especially music and GEMA licenses? Do I need a broadcasting license?
How can the challenges be solved in a practical way? How can contracts with contributors be designed and supplemented?

The workshop provides an overview of and raises awareness for the challenges of media law in connection with theater in the digital space. It then suggests solutions for practical management and addresses the individual questions and projects of the participants.

Philipp Schiffmann has been working as a lawyer for copyright and media law in Hamburg since 2018 and specializes in film and music law, since 2020 at the law firm Unverzagt Rechtsanwälte. He studied law in Hamburg and New York with a focus on public law and media law. Since 2018, he has been working part-time on his dissertation on promoting the independence of audiovisual media productions under the working title “Diversity through Independence”.

March 24, 2021 I 2 – 5 PM
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