May 11, 2021

#1 Breathing With – Practices of Coexistence | Susanne Schneider & Katelyn Skelley

Online event with movement via Zoom

Mai 11, 2021 | 7 PM
Location: Zoom

The participation is free of charge.
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„No doubt, air is the most essential element to terrestrial life, (…) air is also a medium that we need in order to receive and pass on all the sensory messages. It creates a pleasant ambience, not too dense or too empty, so that we can stand up and move in it without difficulty.“ (Luce Irigaray)

Breathing With – Practices of Coexistence aims to broaden the perspective on “dancing with each other”. It looks at the individual moving as part of a group and within an ecosystem. Coexistence requires attention to individual subjects and how they encounter each other spatially and temporally. How can one conceive of coexistence in the dance studio, on stage, and beyond? To this end, a (movement) practice of coexistence is developed. The basis for this is breathing, through which we are in constant exchange with our environment. It serves as a bridge between conscious and unconscious physical and mental processes. Even if breathing often happens unnoticed, it can only happen in interaction with the world, through close relationships with other living organisms. Through breathing, we are simultaneously in an act of self-care and sharing. Susanne Schneider and Katelyn Skelley explore breathing as a means for a possible practice of coexistence and develop methods for teaching contexts that integrate heightened awareness.

Breathing as Movement

After a brief introduction to the project Breathing With – Practices of Coexistence, we will try out ideas from our research together in movement. We want to broaden our perspective on breathing and explore how breathing can bring us into movement. At this point, we are at the very beginning of our research and welcome open exchange, input, and suggestions. In November 2021, we will open our research again at Tanztendenz München to share our results with an interested audience.

Susanne Schneider has a BA in dance (HfMT Cologne) and an MA in contemporary dance education (HfMDK Frankfurt). Since 2013 she works as a freelance dancer together with CocoonDance, Overhead Project, Özlem Alkis and is involved in the artistic processes in different roles. In Munich, she was last seen in the piece IN FELDERN by Stephan Herwig and is part of the Nomadic Academy by Anna Konjetzky. As a dance facilitator, she gives the audience a sensory introduction before dance performances in Physical Introductions. In Physical Traces, she reflects on dance pieces in movement with audience* members. She teaches contemporary dance training with a focus on kinesthetic empathy to professionals, less experienced dancers and in school projects.

Katelyn Skelley holds a BFA in Dance from New York University and an MA in Contemporary Dance Education (HfMDK Frankfurt). She has collaborated with artists and institutions: Kyle Abraham, Katrin Hall, Olive Bieringa, TU Dance company, Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern, Tanzplattform Rhein-Main, IDOCDE, Staatstheater Mainz, and Atalaia Artes Performativas. Katelyn lives in Frankfurt, where she holds a teaching position at the HfMDK and initiates projects for the re-dance platform, pursuing her research on motherhood and dance.