Jun 22, 2021

#4 TEASERAMA | Carolin Jüngst and Lisa Rykena

Online event with movement via Zoom

June 22, 2021 | 7 PM
Location: Zoom

The participation is free of charge.
Please register via: vermittlung@theaterbueromuenchen.de

With TEASERAMA, the choreographer duo Rykena/Jüngst investigates dance in front of the camera together with the participants and explores with them ways of describing and imagining movements by means of artistic audio description. Through various performative strategies, the participants will be empowered in their individual physicality and sensuality, and bodies will be celebrated beyond a normative body politics. The participants will be playfully introduced to individual choreographic elements from the dance piece Rose la Rose, which will be shown at HochX in July, and will wander through a world of dance, language and interactive live composition together with the two choreographers and the audio writer and choreographer Ursina Tossi. The goal is to create a 60-minute collaborative online dance session where everyone is encouraged to interact with their own voice and body, dance for each other and with themselves, and communicate with each other via camera. There is no constraint and participants are also allowed to simply be witnesses to how bodies move and seduce each other through various “cam dances.” They are free to dance, listen, watch, imagine, self-describe, or influence the in-the-moment compositions. In TEASERAMA decelerated bodies are affirmed, bodies that take their time, wait, listen, bodies that cast an affirmative glance at each other.

Note on further formats in fall:

As part of the working scholarship Dance of the City of Munich, Carolin Jüngst and Lisa Rykena are researching futuristic dystopias, utopias and bodies of the future in their project “Future Shock”. In the fall of 2021, further dates are planned as part of the project, at which the artist:in invite, among other things, to a public discussion and to themselves in the studio. The events are currently scheduled online.


Carolin Jüngst & Lisa Rykena have been working as an artistic duo between the cities of Munich and Hamburg since 2016. In their dance productions, they roam through strip clubs, 1920s vaudeville theaters, Ovid’s Metamorphoses or queer comic conventions and let mermaids, she hulks, expressive arias, velvet stages and marble down jackets collide. Their work engages queerfeminist, intersectional, and ableist body discourses and the transformation of normative categorization of bodies. For this purpose, they draw on classical, mythological, and pop-cultural materials and create new figures, hybrid forms, and grotesque embodiments with the goal of dissolving stereotypical, clichéd, and heteronormative (gender) attributions.