Aug 13, 2021

#5 Wunder| Christiane Huber

Theatric Performance with video introduction

August 13, 2021, 5-9 PM
Location: Kapellplatz Altötting

No registration necessary. The participation is free of charge.

A performance between reenactment and vaudeville – a miracle loop – traces a 500-year chronicle of the miracles of the Black Madonnas of Altötting (Germany), Czestochowa (Poland), Aparecida do Norte (Brazil) and Black Sara in Saintes- Maries-de-la-Mer (France), the patron saint of the Roma and Sinti.

How can these black icons, in all their contradictions, be seen and reinterpreted for a diverse and open society? A theatrical spectacle that explores what meaning miraculous deeds can have today in order to derive performative acts from the religious practices around places of pilgrimage that can strengthen a community.

On August 13, 2021, Christiane Huber will start the performance “WUNDER” on the Kapellplatz in Altötting, conceived as an essayistic theater sketch and three-hour action art in public space. In addition to the performers, all “Marias from Altötting” are invited to participate. The format is developed in research on site and in confrontation with the materials and the context.

The project We call Wonder, which will premiere at the SPIELART Theater Festival in the fall, builds on the performance WUNDER. For the mediation series schau mer mal, Christiane Huber will provide insights into the working process of both projects in the form of a video in addition to the performance.

Due to the unbroken attraction of the pilgrimages to the Black Madonnas and the previous research, the following questions arose.

  1. What value do we want to give to a belief in miracles today?
  2. What meaning do we give to the blackness of these particularly miraculous Black Madonnas today?
  3. If we assume that the ritual stagings and activities surrounding pilgrimages can also be meaningful outside of a religious context: What performative acts can be derived from this and what meaning do we give them?

Christiane Huber

Christiane Huber, born in Altötting, studied Music&Sound (MFA 2020), Bard College Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, NY. Studies in psychology (diploma), private acting training. Her practice encompasses diverse media and formats including performance, sound, installation, participatory methods, and documentary film. In doing so, she investigates social practices and narratives and engages with socio-political issues.In current works, she addresses war, violence, and especially gaps and omissions in narratives of the same. Christiane Huber regularly works in collaborations with other artists such as Maria Hafner, Robert Keil, Sven Zellner, Heike Langsdorf, Michael Schmid and democraticArts.