Sep 7, 2021

#6 Karl in Space at Home| Caitlin van der Maas

Artist talk via Zoom

September 7, 2021 | 7 PM
The participation is free of charge.
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In the music theatre production Karl in Space at Home, the characters Pamela and Karl set out on a search for identity, in both the real and virtual world. Pamela, who has just been kicked out of her girl band and is now starting a solo career, is supported and virtually accompanied by super-fan Karl. She travels around the world and adopts elements and stories from five continents to enrich her songs. Karl on the other hand tries to live out his longing for self-realization on the net by virtually accompanying Pamela on her travels.

Caitlin van der Maas uses Ibsen’s Peer Gynt as the starting point for a narrative in which the search for identity in the digital age is central. The roles of the template are exchanged; Pamela travels the world while Karl stays at home.

In five songs and pictures, Karl in Space at Home explores the thematic fields surrounding the questions of an online identity and cultural appropriation.

As part of schau Mer Mal, this project by Caitlin van der Maas will take the audience on a research journey into the world of online identity and folklore and cultural appropriation in pop music. In a zoom conversation, video excerpts from the work process will be shown and discussed and questioned together with the artistic team and the audience.

Caitlin van der Maas

Caitlin van der Maas has been working as a freelance director and writer for transdisciplinary contemporary music theater since 2015, often with a local reference or for a specific location in Munich. In 2015, she staged FACE ME, a solo production with Sandra Hüller in an underground swimming pool, followed in 2016 by KORRIDOR, a production about perceptual changes in mentally ill people at the LMU Clinic in Munich. In the same year, she won the 2nd Giesinger Culture Prize with “Short-lived”, an opera one-act play about Alzheimer’s disease. She staged CENDRILLON at the Dutch National Opera Academy, Amsterdam in 2017 and DIE GOLDENE LÜGE in Munich the same year. Her libretto ARIANNA, ARIADNE, ARIANE won the competition at Neuköllner Oper Berlin in 2018. In 2019, she created “MistSommerNachttRaum” with 120 teenagers. Inspired by Bergman, in June 2019 Caitlin van der Maas wrote MITTEN IN DER NACHT, a production for teens 14 and older about the construct of marriage. In January 2020, her text and music theater about agenda setting and the Hungarian popular uprising THE SILENT DIRIGENT played at the Köşk, Munich. Her next production about cultural appropriation in pop music and online identities, KARL IM ALL ZU HAUSE will premiere at Schwere Reiter, Munich in early October 2021.