Sep 24, 2021

Diversity and Anti-Discrimination in the Cultural Sector

A two-day workshop for cultural professionals on the effects and side effects of diversity processes.


It’s no secret that the cultural sector is not as diverse as our society. How to change that, on the other hand, is a secret. Mostly, diversity is about changing public relations or individual projects with so-called target groups. A comprehensive transformation encounters resistance, leads to (re)injuries, frustration and insecurity. How can diversity processes succeed? What measures are effective in reducing discrimination and preventing exclusion? What is behind the terms diversity, discrimination, inclusion and how am I positioned in them myself?

The workshop starts with an introductory input that gives an overview of the debate and a very personal insight into experiences with diversity processes.
Afterwards there is the possibility to choose between two workshops and to deepen topics.

Workshop 1: Allyship against Discrimination (Allyship)

This workshop provides tips on how to be an allyship partner for people experiencing discrimination in areas where you do not experience discrimination. We will explore the following question, among others: How can I live out alliance partnering without being patronizing and encroaching? What privileges do I have and how do I use them for change? How can I act when people have been hurt because of discrimination?
Trainer: ManuEla Ritz

Workshop 2: Institutions on the way to more diversity

How can staff, audiences, and offerings become more diverse? What questions can I ask myself and the institutions in which I work or with which I cooperate? How can I identify and define first steps towards more diversity?
The workshop will provide tips and advice on how to initiate real change processes and also cushion the side effects. The workshop offers a mixture of exercises, inputs and video as well as plenty of space for collegial exchange.
Trainer: Anja Schütze

ManuEla Ritz is a Black German mother, certified social pedagogue, teamer, coach and author. For two decades she has been active in political education work against discrimination and for power-critical diversification. Her focus is on adultism, anti-racism and empowerment for people with experiences of racism, as well as addressing the power relationship between East and West Germany.

Anja Schütze is a white East German mother, a cultural educator, and has worked as a freelance trainer on diversity and discrimination for fifteen years. She is an education officer at the Federal Association for Cultural Education for Children and Youth, where she focuses on the inclusive opening of cultural voluntary services.

Friday , September 24, 2021 I 2 PM – 6 PM
Saturday, September 25, 2021 I 10 AM – 1 PM

Seminar rooms at Gasteig (room 1031 and small concert hall)
with ManuEla Ritz and Anja Schütze

The number of participants is limited. Participation on both days must be confirmed.
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Contribution towards expenses: 15 €