Sep 28, 2021

#7 Hält uns wach | fachbetrieb rita grechen

Online collective writing workshop via Zoom

September 28, 2021 | 7 PM
Location: Zoom

The participation is free of charge.
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Hält uns wach is a performance about everyday life in late capitalism based on the play text of the same name by the theater collective fachbetrieb rita grechen. Again and again, the spectators in the performance walk alone through the same rooms and experience different days – until the everyday parcours implodes, other rooms open up and something new dawns. Hält uns wach will premiere at PATHOS Munich on October 22, 2021.

The text of Hält uns wach was written by Laura Immler and Hannes Köpke using various methods of collective writing. In the context of schau mer mal fachbetrieb rita grechen want to continue some of their writing methods with interested audience members. The format of “writing days” will be introduced and new days will be written together, before the play will be rehearsed and performed in September.

fachbetrieb rita grechen is an interdisciplinary artistic collective with a changing cast. We develop musical theater evenings, exhibitions, installations, durational performances, texts, films, and process-oriented works with a focus on publicly documented fieldwork. Many of our projects engage with the audience and the site of the gathering. As a rule, we avoid statically seating spaces and instead design situations in which the audience is invited to move freely. The architecture of the performance spaces is significantly incorporated. We also often try to deviate from the regular audience of contemporary theater stages and exhibition spaces through our choice of venues. We are constantly researching to develop forms of expression that are accessible to all, without reducing complexity or smoothing out contradictions.