Oct 30, 2021

Karl in Space at Home| Caitlin van der Maas

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The participation is free of charge. Please register via: vermittlung@theaterbueromuenchen.de

In the music theatre production Karl in Space at Home, the characters Pamela and Karl set out on a search for identity, in both the real and virtual world. Pamela, who has just been kicked out of her girl band and is now starting a solo career, is supported and virtually accompanied by super-fan Karl. She travels around the world and adopts elements and stories from five continents to enrich her songs. Karl on the other hand tries to live out his longing for self-realization on the net by virtually accompanying Pamela on her travels.

Caitlin van der Maas uses Ibsen’s Peer Gynt as the starting point for a narrative in which the search for identity in the digital age is central. The roles of the template are exchanged; Pamela travels the world while Karl stays at home.

In five songs and pictures, Karl in Space at Home explores the thematic fields surrounding the questions of an online identity and cultural appropriation.

As part of the mediation series Schau Mer Mal, this project by Caitlin van der Maas will take the audience on a research journey into the world of influencers and online marketing. The exact dates for this mediation event will be announced in November 2020.

Further Performances: Feburary 4-7, 2021
Location: Schwere Reiter | Dachauerstraße 114 | Munich

Tickets can be reserved through the Schwere Reiter’s reservation system as soon as the schedule is online.