Feb 1, 2022

How To – Calculating Your Project

Here you can find a guide to create calculations for your project.

First of all…

Don’t be afraid of the calculation – she is your friend!
After and during the development of your project, the calculation can help you become more concrete.

You are thinking about…

  • Who will be involved?
  • How long will we need/work on the project?
  • Where do we want to do the project?
  • Who is the beneficiary? (This person or legal form is responsible for all tax matters and duties that have to be paid)
  • Who gives you the money? And what are the funding guidelines?


  • You can find information on the lower fee limit proposed by the Federal Association of Independent Performing Arts HERE

KSK levy as applier | tax | insurances

  • For each person who works artistically in your project (regardless of whether they are insured with the KSK themselves or not), you must pay a levy to the KSK.
  • Here’s more information on the topic KSK levy:
  • Remember that you may have to take out insurance (e.g. organizer’s liability) or pay GEMA fees for music use.
  • If you work with people who are not assessed for tax purposes in Germany, you may have to pay the so-called foreigners’ tax. You can find information about this e.g. HERE 

Yes, I will draft an excel chart:

  • Income and expenses are listed
  • Honorarkosten und Sachkosten werden getrennt aufgelistet
    Kostenpositionen werden festgelegt. Z.B. „künstlerische Leitung – Dramaturgie – Tänzer*innen – Probenraummiete – KSK Abgabe –  …
  • Calculate fees: Set monthly or daily rates and then calculate what the person’s total fee is according to the time spent. (see at lower fee limit)
  • Once you start spending the money, maintain a receipt list in which every single receipt is listed.

This looks like this, for example:

Calculation Template & Receipts List Template