Oct 15, 2022

Parotia | Léonard Engel

Moved Introduction

October 15 | 5.45 Uhr
Location: schwere Reiter studio

Participation in the audience development event is free of charge. No registration required.

People spin all over the world. In different cultures, this practice has grown and been carried on through many generations. Where do people spin everywhere and why? How does spinning work? What kind of preparation does it take? Why don’t spinning people get dizzy? And what does it feel like?

Choreographer Léonard Engel will introduce his hypnotic dance piece “Parotia” as part of “schau mer mal” on October 15, 2022 at 5:45 PM. He clarifies contentwise over the backgrounds of the turning and prepares the Teilnehmer:innen to try out the turning at the own body.