Schau Mer Mal

Schau Mer Mal – Independent Performing Arts Club

Have you always wondered what happens outside the big theatres in Munich’s cultural scene? For several dates we will take you with us into the underground theatres. In two different tours we will explore the venues, artists, and performances of the independent scene in Munich. After the performances, we invite the tour participants for a drink and answer everything you ever wanted to know about the independent scene – including insider tips.


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What has happened at Schau Mer Mal in recent years:

Past Events

Schau Mer Mal - Tour 2
22. September 2023 .

Schau Mer Mal - Tour 1
22. September 2023 .

Parotia | Léonard Engel
15. October 2022 .

#7 Hält uns wach | fachbetrieb rita grechen
28. September 2021 .

#6 Karl in Space at Home| Caitlin van der Maas
7. September 2021 .

#5 Wunder| Christiane Huber
13. August 2021 .

#4 TEASERAMA | Carolin Jüngst and Lisa Rykena
22. June 2021 .

#3 City Walks | KOPFKINO
8. June 2021 .

#2 Difficulty in understanding... | The Bairishe Geisha
25. May 2021 .

#1 Breathing With - Practices of Coexistence | Susanne Schneider & Katelyn Skelley
11. May 2021 .

Is Susan Lonely? | Jasmine Ellis Projects
12. December 2020 .

28. November 2020 .

Anthology/ Flower Picking | Cristina D’Alberto
23. October 2020 .

Snow Crash | Diego Tortelli and Miria Wurm
5. September 2020 .

„SHE LEGEND“ by Carolin Jüngst & Lisa Rykena
10. July 2020 .

„everything blue“ by Jasmine Ellis & Evandro Pedroni
9. January 2020 .

Publication “Vermittlungsformate for the Independent Performing Arts” (published by Theaterbüro München GbR & Anna Wieczorek)

How do you turn people who are not or not yet interested in theatre into an audience for the independent scene? You need new communication strategies, which on the one hand can be quite labour-intensive, but on the other hand also open up new spaces of possibility. In order for the independent scene to reach many more audiences, we have produced a handbook that is intended to help people communicate themselves. What you need in any case is courage, staying power and a stable network.

In the book, we present our experiences from the work of the last few years. The book is also a guide for the development and conception of mediation formats. In interviews, experience reports of implemented formats are developed and much more!

Want to browse through it? Send us an email with your address and we will send you one. Or visit us in our office!

Schau Mer Mal is funded by the City of Munich – Department of Culture.

The publication of Schau Mer Mal is supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the #Take Part programme and the Cultural Department of the City of Munich.